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Service provided by an experienced skydiver. We work hard day by day to bring you the best products and services related with the skydiving sport.
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We customize your parachute
We have some designers who help you with the design of your parachute. We are official suppliers of the best sports manufacturers. We love the quality
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Skydiving Wingsuits and Suits
We contact the best providers such as Squirrel, TonFly or Giconni among many others. Above we love to get involved in the designs of our customers, so please take a moment to contact us!
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Skydiving Helmets
We still have Cookie G3 helmets in stock and of course we have the Cookie G4 and the TonFly TFX available in many colors and sizes. Contact us!
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Pedro Carbayeda

Which AAD should I buy?

Reading time 5 min Whenever we face the purchase of an equipment either new or by parts we find this question, the section of containers, main canopy and reserve we usually have more options, but as for barometric devices generically

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With more than 16 years of experience in the world of parachuting and with thousands of jumps, the need to provide a service to other parachuting from the experience of an active parachuting.