Skydive Equipment

Skydive Equipment

Buying a skydiving equipment can be a complicated task due to the multitude of options that currently exist in the market, at 270 Skydiving Gear Shop we will try to advise you with the essential extras or with the designs of your skyidiving equipment.

Did you know… a complete Rig is made up of the following elements:

  • Harness / Container
  • Main Canopy
  • Reserve Canopy
  • AAD (Automatic Activation Device)

Container – We work with the main brands in the market, all of them manufactured under the TSO C23 standard that guarantee the quality and resistance of these products.The parts that are included with your container are the main and reserve bags, main and reserve pilots respectively, as well as the bands.

 Main canopy – It is the one you will use on a daily basis for your jumps, we have in our catalog canopies  for students to high performance canopies. This is one of the harder choices to make when you are designing your rig, but no worries, we will give you advice and you will have the best one that matches your requirements.

 Reserve canopy: It is the canopy that you will need if something does not go as you had initially planned in your jump :), nothing happens for sure it will work well. 

ADD: This essential element if you want to jump in our country, will be in charge of opening your reserve parachute if necessary. We count with the best technology providers fot this porpouse, so you just have to choose the one that you like the most.