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Cookie G4
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Cookie G4 full face helmet is now available.

The new Cookie G4 face helmet, this model is built under the XP S 72-600 standard under the regulation of the European standard CEPPE EU 2016/425, this certification carried out by an independent agency guarantees speed resistance up to 5.42m / s and a force of <250Gs .

This standard referring to personal protective equipment contains a large number of regulations and technical details related to safety and the rules of use for these protection elements, including highlighting:

Quality of used materials (base products of non-toxic raw materials)
Manufacturing quality control.
Minimum requirement for protection against impacts.
Prevention against snagging of lines.
Ability to release the clasp with one hand under tension.
This improved version of the integral Cookie G4 is designed with a new system for opening and closing the visor with stainless steel springs and screws, unlike the Cookie G3 with plastic rubber springs.

It promises to be very quiet.

With the new cookie G4 you have the option of mounting four types of visors:

  • Transparent
  • Dark / smoke
  • Blue mirror effect
  • Orange

The Cookie G4 full face helmet has a new sizing system different from the G3, for the new Cookie G4 the sizing system is quite precise. Its new interior makes it better fit the head and avoids the slack that occurs with continued use in the G3.

Please check your size before ordering in the attached box.



Additional Information :

In this video you can see the differences between a G3 and the new G4


If you want to see the description of the characteristics of Cookie G3 you can click the following link.

In case you want to know more G4 just ask us.

Shortly cookie will present its new supports for this model, meanwhile we have available these fantastic custom designed for the different cases of the G4.

Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25 × 25 cm

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Availability: 270 in stock (can be backordered)
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