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Larsen & Brusgaard



Made in aircraft grade aluminium, AresII™ is the evolution of digital civilian visual altimeters. AresII™ takes durability, superior engineering and accuracy to the civilian jumpers. The AresII™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for those civilian skydivers who prefer a digital display over a traditional analog display

    • Easy and fast altitude offset
    • Quick back light on/off
    • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum case
    • Large hi-def LCD screen
    • Scratchproof 2mm thick hardened glass lens
    • Stores up to 10 minutes of profile data for your last jump.
    • Displays Alti-Meter or Speed-Meter details from exit to landing.
    • Records and displays jump information about the last 200 jumps including exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, max speed in freefall and max speed under canopy.
    • Choice of readings in feet or meters as well as MPH or KMH
    • Automatic calibration to local elevation
    • Shockproof and waterproof (3ft/2 hours)
    • Operating altitude 0 to 40,000 ft.(0 to 12,191 m)
    • Operational at sub-zero temperatures
    • Uses 2 Renata 3V lithium CR2325
    • Comes with hand mount

Larsen & Brusgaard recomienda: 2- CR-2325, las baterías del Volt RENATA 3


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